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Green Land

is a municipality of about 2800 inhabitants in the Province of Como, in Lombardy.

Orsenigo, an ancient parish first inhabited by men around 300-200 B.C., gets its name from the latin phrase Ursus Niger, Ursus Iniqua or Ursus Vicus, Ursus meaning “Bear” and Vicus meaning “Village”. During the Middle Ages Orsenigo was an important castle, which took a big part in the war between Frederick I and the city of Milan. After the Tassera battle, which took place on August 1160, the 9th, and saw Milan winning against the Emperor, people in Orsenigo were granted the common of estovers. Among the parish’s renowned citizens two big names stand out: Simone da Orsenigo, first engineer behind the original project of Milan’s famous Dome in 1387, and Filippo Carcano, a painter among Hayez students in the 19th century. Visiting Villa Marelli, an easy to reach villa in the middle of the town, allow a relaxing experience in its tidy garden and cozy pool. A lemon garden, recently restored, hosts a handful of hundred-year-old fruit trees, still magnificent and fragrant. Walking down the city streets it’s possible to reach Villa del Soldo, a huge estate property of Como Province now loan for use to “Mondo X – Cielo 91” community of Padre Eligio. It’s 14-hectares park’s breathtaking: a humongous variety of plants and gardens welcomes everyone who passes by. The Villa is easy to reach by foot or by bike. A little away stands the common wood, La Brughiera (The Moorland). This little bush has a lot going on, between ancient traditions and historical facts, and between its trees tranquillity and calm reign supreme.

Free Tour


Moving away from Via IX Agosto reach Roma square. Arrange the visit along with the owners. Duration of the visit: an hour.
A spectacular and perfectly manicured green garden, just a few hundred metres away from the town centre.
Welcome to Villa Marelli (Info), a beautiful and imposing eighteenth-century mansion situated in Orsenigo. Little is known about its date of construction or its original owner. It is now used as a venue for parties and receptions.
Peace. Well-being. Tranquillity. These feelings will guide you throughout the discovery of its garden.
A large columned porch, a balcony surrounded by glass walls, round tables and stone benches are the symbols of the mansion neoclassical and eighteenth-century style. Along the perimeter, old buildings with their window grates silently witnessed the past agricultural activities in the estate.
Nowadays, a renovation project includes the creation of a scattered hotel. Century-old trees, plants, round flowerbeds, wrought iron fences, an aviary and an impeccable appearance are the garden distinctive features.
The recently renovated orangery can boast magnificent hundred-year-old colourful plants oozing a delightful blend of fragrances.
Finally, loosen up and enjoy the silence on the green grass bordering the crystal clear blue water of the pool. Close your eyes and let your mind travel to distant places cocooned by inebriating fragrances.

In order to reserve your visit to Villa Marelli and its gardens you have to call Mr. Giulio Meroni at the numbers +39 031 4125661 or +39 340 7363607


Reach the estate from either Alzate Brianza (main entrance) or Orsenigo (secondary entrance). Arrange the visit along with “Mondo X” Association. Duration of the visit: on discretion of the visitor.
The grey of the stone and the red of the bricks are the colours surrounding the 100,000 square metres of Villa del Soldo (Info). The Villa is owned by the Province of Como, but was given to Father Eligio’s Comunità Mondo X – Cielo 91 on a free-loan basis.
The eighteenth-century mansion belongs to the municipality of Orsenigo and can be easily reached on foot (see itinerary). After entering the main gate, take a stroll along the main avenue illuminated by 19th-century style wrought iron street lamps. From there, a number of small paths branch off for 6.5 kilometres connecting the different buildings.

Admire the orangery with its neoclassical façade and stone statues. And explore the Castelletto, a castle in miniature that yet holds the looks of an old and imposing castle, with its round towers, greenhouses and orchards.
From the garden, discover the hidden small metal bridge giving access to one of the towers. Just across the bridge, a breathtaking panoramic spot: the villa front yard, decorated with impressive fountains and benches, allows your gaze to widen over the immense park.
From the front yard, set off to reach the other buildings which are definitely worth a visit. A small church, with a granite front door and coffered ceiling.
In the northern part, heading for the town Orsenigo, you will find a structure once used as stables, now completely renovated and named CAMPUS. It is an area conceived as a space for research, humanism and health for people with immunodeficiency diseases. And finally, the fisherman’s house, with a small pier overlooking an empty pond, once fed by rainwater and the aqueduct in Albese con Cassano. Don’t miss the minor places, like the pool and the aviary.
For information and visits, please contact Comunità Mondo X.

For infos and/or reserve your visit to Villa del Soldo and its gardens you have to call Mondo X center at the number +39 031 631000, asking for the manager.


Take Via Fermi, then cross SS 342 Briantea and keep going on Via Volta first, then on Al Bosco Comunale rd. Duration of the visit: on discretion of the visitor.

The brughiera, or moorlands, is a green stretch expanding as far as the eye can see.
Orsenigo, a small village near Como, lies in the heart of brughiera, once famous for clay extraction. Nowadays, this area is scattered with small artificial ponds, where the reflection of nature colours them green.  
The brughiera is connected to a very old licence: wood gathering. It consists in cutting mature locust trees, unstable plants and clearing the underbrush from shrubs and weeds. It was granted by the City of Milan to the inhabitants of Orsenigo for the help received in the battle of Tassera on 9 August 1160. 
However, recent studies have proved that there is no documented connection between the privileges granted by Milan to Orsenigo and wood gathering. The name brughiera, in fact, is hardly accidental. Brugo, known as common heather, reigns here. 
If you walk through the park in silence, listening only to the sounds of nature, you might even have the chance to get a close look at the local wildlife: foxes, beech martens, weasels, rabbits, squirrels, hares, dormice, woodpeckers, doves, nightingales, crows, larks, salamanders, toads, tree frogs, frogs and newts. 
Take a few hours of total relaxation to get away from the routine and monotony of everyday life and to live this unique unforgettable encounter with nature.
You can walk along easy accessible paths and then stop at Cassinazza agritourism (, located in a charming seventeenth-century restored farmhouse. 
You can taste genuine and homemade food, as well as meet farm animals and relax in spacious green areas. Children can have fun in the playground. Just end the day in total harmony with nature. 
To reach the brughiera, you can leave your car at Cassinazza parking area and set off on foot for your visit. 

By Bus:
ASF Bus Service
C 45 Como – Inverigo – Cantù
C 46 Como – Merate – Bergamo
C 47 Como – Casatenovo – Merate
C 92 Erba – Orsenigo Erba

By Train:
Trenord Railway service from Milano Nord Cadorna Regional Train R16 Asso – Seveso – Milano, stop in Inverigo then get C45 bus service to Orsenigo

By Car:
From Como: get SS 342 to Lecco, heading to Bergamo

From Lecco: get SS 36 to Milano, then exit at Nibionno and keep driving on SS 342 to Como

From Milan: get SS 36 to Lecco, then exit at Nibionno and keep driving on SS 342 to Como

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